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Name Date Class Bubble Answer Sheet B C D 1. A B C D 18. A B C D 35. A B C D 2. A B C D 19. A B C D 36. A B C D 3. A B C D 20. A B C D 37. A B C D 4. A B C D 21. A B C D 38. A B C D 5. A B C D 22.
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[Music] hello friends in this video I will explain dotnet PDF generator article you can see that might take a little on dotnet dotnet video unity dotnet Dan inclusion in PDF and here I have tried to explain that how to generate a PDF document and how to generate PDF doc under with custom text and with with custom images on that you can see that I have used high text sorry that is a free open source of dll on website the URL is given on the article you can go ahead and download it so let's see how it actually works so first I have created a form where I have a grid view because I'm trying to explain that how to export a gateway into PDF so I have kept a gate gate view then I have a four buttons you can see that it is generate PDF document generated PDF download pdf download PDF with custom text and generate PDF with images and all four buttons have their own event on click event that I've written into code behind file you can see them here so first let us divide the page on click off on every button so first I am going to click generate PDF doc when I clicked it my server side event will fire so you can see that generate PDF method has filed and here I have got two one path where I need to generate the PDF and then I have dynamically generated a file am I making sure that the file name is unique then I have a private method that is common generate PDF that accepts path file name and whether to download or not and then any custom text that Lewton so let us go ahead in that I have this is the document object is the he is inside into I texts are brought to DLL so I have imported I text a sob dog text I text the sobbed or text or PDF and I texas ab dot tex dot HTML dot simple pass her name is vessel so that is available into the I text DL you can see here and then half and it's a let me describe or Jenny PDF one without I have created a new object then whether I need to download or not based on that I have created instance of the PDF writer by passing the document object and the file listing file system is nothing but my file name and in which mode do I need to create it or I just need to open it circulated a instance of the PDF writer then whatever text I need to write inside the route to hold that I create a standard and then I open the document object that is available in the ITEX app and then I am trying to see that whether I have to write any custom text or not if I provide the custom text then I will probably simply add the text into the string builder in this case I have to export the grid view so first I have born my grade group so that this giggly is bounded properly and after that what I am doing is using string writer and HTML text writer I am trying to get the HTML output of the griddle and adding into the HTML text right up and then because estimated strategy ultimately I tasked with testing boiler so the whole table for the grid will be into the sting builder you can see it here the whole thing is here...
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